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Chartered Surveyors fees and costs vary quite considerably depending on what your specific requirements are.

Please find below a rough guide to help you. When you ring us to obtain a quote we will then discuss your requirements more fully, at which point we will then advise you of the actual fee we will charge.

At Graham Fitt Surveyors we will also discuss any other specific requirements you may have and time scales required by you.

Building Survey + Valuation From £750

Building Survey No Valuation From £650

Home Buyer Report – Flat From £450

Home Buyer Report – House From £500

Private Valuation – House From £500

Private Valuation – Flat From £400

Probate Valuation – House From £600

Probate Valuation – Flat From £500

Matrimonial Valuation – House From £600

Matrimonial Valuation – Flat From £500

Housing Association Valuation From £400

Habitation Report From £350

Engineer’s Report From £400

Party Wall – Notice From £150

Party Wall – Award From £750

Snagging Lists From £450

Capital Gains Tax Valuations (2015)

House from £600

Flat From £400

Capital Gains Tax (ATED) Valuation (2017)

House From £600

Flat From £500

Schedule of Condition From £400

Schedule of Dilapidations From £800

Desk Top Valuation From £400

Survey re-prints – for a different Client – 70% of our original cost if less than 3 months old.


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